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Safer Alternatives for Solvent Applications in Graffiti Management, Auto Repair and Industrial

This session will include formulators/suppliers of commercial products and processes that are available and constitute safer alternatives to the toxic and high VOC content formulations used today. Areas of focus will include alternative formulations and processes for parts cleaners, aerosol cleaners, handwipe cleaners, coating equipment cleaners and graffiti removers. 

Safer Cleaning and Thinning Alternatives for Industrial Facilities

This session will provide detailed information on the water-based cleaner alternatives that can be used in parts cleaning in industrial machine shops. It will also discuss coating equipment cleanup solvents that are safer and can substitute for the toxic and high VOC content cleaners used today. It will also identify safer alternative formulations that can […]

Safer Alternatives for Toxic Solvents – Auto Repair Facilities

A series of four (4) trainings will be given by Katy Wolf, Ph.D. and hosted by greenUP! This session will target the mineral spirits used in parts cleaners and the halogenated and nonhalogenated solvents used in auto aerosol cleaners today. Many of these formulations have high VOC content and many pose toxicity problems. It will […]