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GreenACTnv Webinar Series

Watch a series of educational Webinars hosted by GreenACTnv. GreenACTnv is a 501 (C3) educational non-profit promoting sustainable practices, renewable energy, and environmental responsibility in the way we work, play and live.

How to Become a Green Business in Nevada


Donna Walden; Director Nevada Green Business Network.


Ms. Walden talks about why it’s important to become a certified green business for the state of Nevada, what’s involved and benefits to businesses that are green certified.

Gardening Your Ecotype, Responsible Landscaping Options for the Western Great Basin and Sierras


Ed Kleiner, General Manager of Comstock Seed.


Living in the desert, where climate change and drought are real, water conservation in landscaping is more important than ever. Water metering has hit the pocketbook and stimulated landscape conversions. Ecological connectivity includes responsible landscaping as it relates to the existing flora and fauna, supporting pollinators, understanding the limitations presented by our unique climate and soil conditions; and new age genetics.

Presenter Ed Kleiner, General Manager of Comstock Seed will present development trends in landscaping including drought tolerant specifications for both native and non-native species that have a track record for survival in our climate with less water. Ed will cover all aspects of Eco-landscaping including handling of noxious weeds and NDOA weed restrictions.

The Current Drought in Nevada.mov


Stephanie McAfee, State Climatologist for Nevada.



Presenter, Stephanie McAfee is the State Climatologist for Nevada, as well as an associate professor in the Geography Department and with University of Nevada Extension

Dry and warm conditions throughout much of the last two years have led to drought across all of Nevada. Because the winter rain and snow season is drawing to a close, the drought is likely to persist into the summer. Fortunately, there are resources to prepare for the current drought, and the next one, because dealing with drought is part of living in Nevada.

Yard-Worthy Native Pollinator Plants and Why They’re Important.mov


Kevin Burls Integrated Pest Management Educator for the University of Nevada, Ed Kleiner General Manager of Comstock Seed.


Kevin Burls, Integrated Pest Management Educator for the University of Nevada Extension will make a presentation on the significant ecological role of pollinating insects and the threats these pollinators face. Kevin will explore which plants in our homes provide a safe habitat for them and what flowers visiting pollinating insects need on the landscape. Co-presenter Ed Kleiner, General Manager of Comstock Seed, will share techniques to germinating and getting a seed bed off to a good start; short and long-term management; and trouble shooting.