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Metal Manufacturers and Finishers Training


Beginning on July 14 and ending on December 7th 2021, trainings address the many challenges that Metal Manufacturers and Finishers face in today’s marketplace including managing hazardous materials, compliance with environmental inspections and regulations and marketplace competitiveness. The training is virtual so can be viewed anytime. Individuals that watch 6 or more of the videos qualify for a training certificate. Details are outlined below and on the event landing page.

WEEK 1 - Finding the Hidden Profits in Environmental Stewardship


Thomas Vinson, Zero Waste Enterprises

Donna Walden, greenUP!


Metal manufacturers face a variety of challenges, particularly after the recent economic downturn. Environmental issues can often point the way to issues that can make or break a company. This session will give some examples of how businesses are meeting the challenges of a competitive market by identifying and reducing waste. This overview will sample techniques that:

• Increase profitability                           • Lower pollution

• Reduce risk                                            • Increase competitiveness.


Presentation-Part 1

Presentation-Part 2

WEEK 2 - Real World Examples from the Metal Manufacturing Industry


Thomas Vinson, Zero Waste Enterprises



Building on week one this course will give in depth examples from businesses with an emphasis on the metal manufacturing sector. We will show how one company went beyond recycling to save over $500,000 while improving their productivity, supply chain reliability and workforce efficiency. We will go beyond what can be done and show how you can apply these lessons to your business.




Presentation- Week 2

WEEK 3 - Best Management Practices for Metal Finishing


Miguel Rodas, City of Los Angeles Pretreatment Program

Jennifer Kong, LA Sanitation & Environment (LASAN), Industrial Waste Management Division


The talk is based on real world data collected over several years by the City of Los Angeles featuring processes like electroplating, electroless plating, anodizing, coating, chemical etching, and manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

Presentation – Jennifer Kong

Presentation – Rodas – Part 1

Presentation – Rodas, Part 2

WEEK 4 - Best Management Practices for Cutting Fluids and other issues


Rolfe Parsloe, State of Washington, Department of Ecology

Thomas Vinson, Zero Waste Enterprises



This training will showcase some of the work the Washington Department of Ecology has done to help businesses voluntarily lower their regulatory burden while improving efficiency, lowering waste and increasing their competitiveness. The focus will be on cutting fluids, and some other issues not covered in week 3.


Presentation – Week 4

WEEK 5 - Safer Alternatives in Solvent Applications for Metal Processing


Katy Wolf, P2 Consultant


Solvents including vapor degreasing, paint stripping, aerosol cleaning lubricants, and metalworking fluids are used by thousands of companies for cleaning metal processing. This training will explore potential alternatives to harmful solvents and tradeoffs for each of the methods.



Katy Wolf Presentation

WEEK 6 - Using Lean Manufacturing to Uncover Opportunities


Thomas Vinson, Zero Waste Enterprises


This course explains how to use over a dozen lean principles for optimal performance in metal manufacturing. It will look at it from the unique perspective of using lean to reduce material use and waste. These techniques reduce waste such as time, labor and rework, by using environmental metrics to identify value. It is good for experienced lean practitioners or as an introduction to lean manufacturing.

Presentation – Week 6

WEEK 7 - Lean Practices and Success Stories


Thomas Vinson, Zero Waste Enterprises




Building on week 6 this talk will dive deeply into the processes businesses use to identify lean projects, prioritize their activities and build support within the company.

Intro Slides

Presentation – Week 7

WEEK 8 - ISO Risk Management and Customer Retention


Brian Smith, Core Business Solutions

Drew Markley, Core Business Solutions

Thomas Vinson, Zero Waste Enterprises, LLC


Cohosted by Nevada Industry of Excellence and greenUP!, this talk demonstrates how and why two of the standards (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001) are used for Metal Manufacturing.

Presentation – Brian Smith

Presentation – Thomas Vinson

WEEK 9 - Green Business Checklist for Metal Finishers


Donna Walden, greenUP!

Miguel Rodas, City of Los Angeles (LASAN)

Jennifer Kong, LA Sanitation & Environment (LASAN)


Hosted by greenUP!, the City of Los Angeles, LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN) and the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR), this session covers how to become certified as a green business in your state. Miguel Rodas and Jennifer Kong present a sector checklist for metal finishers that aims to help manufacturers achieve pollution reduction. The checklist is currently under peer review.



Below are instructions for how to receive your certificate of completion for participating in the Seven (7) week Metal Manufacturing and Finishers Workshop. To receive a certificate, you need to fill out the short survey in “Redeem your Certificate”. We strongly recommend that you complete a project based upon what you learned. Instructions are outlined in the downloadable “Get Technical Assistance” document.