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Sector Specific Trainings and Educational Webinars

The Nevada Green Business Network organized several sector specific trainings to assist businesses green their operations. These trainings are available to view at your convenience:

Northern Nevada Sustainable Brewery Summit

In the fall of 2022, the Nevada Green Business Network partners hosted a Sustainable Brewery Summit in Reno, Nevada. Craft brewers shared successful pollution prevention projects and sustainable best practices, and the Network discussed how brewers can become Green Certified in the state of Nevada.


Auto Repair & Auto Body Pollution Prevention Workshop and Tradeshow 

WNC and greenUP! hosted a free auto body and auto repair workshop for auto shops, automotive industry professionals and students. Topics covered are environmental best management practices (BMPs), alternatives to harmful cleaners and solvents, electric vehicles, and how to become green certified in the state of Nevada. Watch nine (9) video recordings.


Tahoe Truckee Green Lodging Sustainability and Ecotourism Workshop

Watch recorded videos to learn from the leaders in the field who support sustainability and ecotourism, one of the fastest growing markets in the industry. In May 2021, green lodging experts shared tips and best management practices for energy and water efficiency, food and waste management, customer engagement, and sustainable transportation.


Metal Manufacturer and Metal finishers Training and Certificate Program

These nine (9) trainings address the many challenges that Metal Manufacturers and Finishers face in today’s marketplace including managing hazardous materials, compliance with environmental inspections and regulations and marketplace competitiveness. The training is virtual, so it can be viewed anytime. Certificate available upon completion.


Safer Alternatives for Toxic Chemicals and High VOC Content Industrial Formulations

A series of five (5) trainings taught by Katy Wolf, Ph.D.  focused on low-VOC, low toxicity formulations, and non-chemical alternatives to toxic and high VOC content formulations used extensively today in three application areas.

·      Graffiti management
·      Parts cleaning and automotive aerosol cleaning in auto repair facilities
·      Parts cleaning, coating equipment cleaning, handwipe cleaning and thinning in industrial facilities

The fourth and fifth sessions go into greater detail on some of the safer formulations and technologies that are available commercially.

The network also recorded many educational webinars available for viewing:


GreenACTnv, a 501 (C3) educational non-profit promoting sustainable practices, renewable energy, and environmental responsibility in the way we work, play and live, hosted several Webinars. Visit the GreenACTnv page to view all four:

·      How to Become a Green Business in Nevada
·      Gardening Your Ecotype, Responsible Landscaping Options for the Western Great Basin and Sierras
·      The Current Drought in Nevada – How did it develop and how can you prepare for the summer?
·      Yard-Worthy Native Pollinator Plants and Why They’re Important


How Green Business Can Support post COVID-19 Economic Recovery


This webinars series addresses the continued benefits of sustainable practices during and after COVID-19. Such practices not only preserve Nevada’s natural resources for future generations, they help businesses keep their costs low by reducing waste, reducing water use, and improving efficiencies in everyday business functions. These environmental practices also help keep employees healthy and engaged, enable businesses to comply with regulations, and help attract conscientious customers.