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Webinar: Gardening Your Ecotype: Responsible Landscaping Options for the Western Great Basin and Sierras

  Living in the desert, where climate change and drought is real, water conservation in landscaping is more important than ever. Ecological connectivity includes responsible landscaping as it relates to the existing flora and fauna, supporting pollinators, understanding the limitations presented by our unique climate and soil conditions; and new age genetics. Presenter Ed Kleiner, […]

Auto Repair and Auto Body Pollution Prevention Workshop and Tradeshow

  Western Nevada College and greenUP! invite Auto Shops from all over Nevada to attend. College students and professionals in the automotive industry are also invited. Topics covered during this FREE workshop will be environmental best management practices (BMPs), alternatives to harmful cleaners and solvents, electric vehicles, and how to become green certified in the […]

Reno+Sparks Chamber Green Business Training

The Reno+Sparks Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Nevada Green Business Network (www.nvgreenbusiness.org) to support Chamber members in getting certified as a green business. Becoming a green business is a great way to increase profitability. Reducing utility costs through energy and water savings can free up resources that can be invested in strategic priorities. […]

Safer Alternatives for Solvent Applications in Graffiti Management, Auto Repair and Industrial

This session will include formulators/suppliers of commercial products and processes that are available and constitute safer alternatives to the toxic and high VOC content formulations used today. Areas of focus will include alternative formulations and processes for parts cleaners, aerosol cleaners, handwipe cleaners, coating equipment cleaners and graffiti removers.